NFSv4 - how to set up at FreeBSD 8.1 ?

Rick Macklem rmacklem at
Wed Jan 5 13:13:21 UTC 2011

> > You can also do the following:
> > For /etc/exports
> > V4: /
> > /usr/home -maproot=root -network -mask
> Not in my configuration - '/' and '/usr' are different partitions
> (both UFS)
Hmm. Since entire volumes are exported for NFSv4, I can't remember if
exporting a subtree of the volume works (I think it does, but??).

However, I do know that if you change the /etc/exports for the above to:
(note I also moved the V4: line to the end because at one time it
 was required to be at the end and I can't remember if that restriction
 is still enforced. Always check /var/log/messages after starting mountd
 with a modified /etc/exports and look for any messages related to problems
 with /etc/exports.) In other words, export the volume's mount point and
 put the V4: line at the end are changes that "might be required?". If you
 take a look at mountd.c, you'll understand why I have trouble remembering
 exactly what works and what doesn't.:-)
/usr -maproot=root -network -mask
V4: /

then for the above situation:
# mount -t nfs -o nfsv4 server:/ /mnt
- will fail because "/" isn't exported
# mount -t nfs -o nfsv4 server:/usr /mnt
- should work. If it doesn't work, it is not because /etc/exports are

A small number of NFSv4 ops are allowed on non-exported UFS partitions
so that "mount" can traverse the tree down to the mount point, but that
mount point must be exported. When I did this I did not realize that ZFS
did its own exporting and, as such, traveral of non-exported ZFS volumes
doesn't work, because ZFS doesn't allow any operations on the non-exported
volumes to work.

At some point, there needs to be a debate w.r.t. inconsistent behaviour.
The easiest fix is to disable the capability of traversal of non-exported
UFS volumes. The downside of this is that it is harder to configure the
single (sub)tree on the server that is needed for NFSv4.

Have fun with it, rick

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