ath(4) panic + stuck beacon issue

Jeremy Chadwick freebsd at
Sun Feb 27 16:01:49 UTC 2011

I have a crash report to provide (for RELENG_8 dated 2010/02/12), but
I'd like to know who's maintaining ath(4) at this point in time.

I also need to discuss a commonly-reported issue with AR5416 and/or
AR9280 cards (e.g. D-Link DWA-552 running in 802.11g mode w/ WEP)
spitting out "stuck beacon" errors, which are what I was trying to
resolve when the kernel crashed.  (I induced the crash, but I'm not sure
exactly why/how).

Given that the issue has existed for years now...  (recent & thorough!)

...and "bintval 1000" does not solve it, let's work together to find a
solution.  If you need hardware I will be more than happy to buy you
(brand new) cards which you can keep.  If you have beta/test drivers
and/or can provide *thorough* debugging instructions, I will be more
than happy to do what I can.

I'll also point out the Linux madwifi folks have an *entire page*
dedicated to this problem, which is quite interesting:

If a workaround or solution isn't plausible, what cards do people
actually recommend that work reliably / have reliable drivers?  I was
under the impression Atheros cards were reliable/decent compared to,
say, Broadcom.  Is iwn(4) reliable?

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