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Clifton Royston cliftonr at lava.net
Sat Feb 26 16:53:29 UTC 2011

On Fri, Feb 25, 2011 at 03:01:11PM -0500, John Baldwin wrote:
> No, release branches long pre-date freebsd-update.  However, before we 
> switched to svn for source, new branches did not bump all the $FreeBSD$ tags.  
> That is a side effect of the way that the SVN -> CVS exporter works (and 
> arguably a bug).
> BTW, I did design etcupdate to support this sort of use case (you can build a
> tarball from a given release tree and use that as the basis for comparisons
> assuming you were bootstrapped to use etcupdate).  Currently freebsd-update
> doesn't use etcupdate and the author doesn't have any interest in changing it
> to do so.
> At some point if I have some time to hack on freebsd-update to be more useful
> for modified versions of FreeBSD (e.g. building snaps from tags in an SVN
> repository instead of a directory of patches against a CVS checkout), I will
> probably hack it to support using etcupdate to manage /etc updates as well.
> (etcupdate uses something akin to 'svn up' to update files in /etc, so things
> like $FreeBSD$ changes just auto-update assuming they don't result in merge
> conficts.)

  That would be nice.  Since freebsd-update clearly has done something
like generate the deltas for X.Y->Z.W for /etc files, if it were to
assume the status quo ante is that files in /etc are based on the X.Y
version of the /etc, it should already be able to do slightly smarter
things than it's doing.  Hmmm.
  -- Clifton

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