3TB disc and block alignment

Kurt Jaeger lists at c0mplx.org
Tue Feb 22 12:53:48 UTC 2011


> > Basically, I did this:
> > gpart create -s gpt ad7
> > newfs /dev/ad7
> Wow! Don't do it. It may hurt. ;-)

Why may it hurt ? How may it hurt ? Which sector is written to by
this 'gpart' command ?

As far as I understand, GPT writes some stuff at the beginning and
the end of the harddisk.

How/why will the newfs overwrite those parts ?

> Please, pay attention to gpart(8) (i.e. read the manual
> carefully). One should create a specific partition and
> only then create a file system upon it.

I've read the gpart manual many times 8-) Maybe I'm to thick to get it ?

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