Panic from linux emulation (flashplugin)

Juergen Lock nox at
Mon Feb 21 19:42:25 UTC 2011

In article <op.vq9kcoyl34t2sn at tech304> you write:
>I'm sending this to both stable and emulation lists, but I'm not  
>subscribed to the emulation list so please cc: me there.
>Hi guys,
>I'm told this is known but I can't find any information. I'm running the  
>checkout for RELENG_8_2 from Thursday and the issue I'm having on my amd64  
>Desktop is that every time I play a flash video (my only real use of linux  
>emulation) it causes a kernel panic. This happens in Opera, Firefox, and  
>Chromium. Another user in Freenode's ##freebsd said he is experiencing  
>this too. I've seen nothing mentioned on the freebsd-emulation mailing  
>Any thoughts?
Well it works for me, just tested with native ff, linux ff and linux
opera...  (other than youtube seems to be overloaded at this time,
videos pause a lot.)
>Relevant info:
>10:56:08 skeletor:~ > uname -a
>FreeBSD 8.2-RELEASE FreeBSD 8.2-RELEASE #1: Thu Feb 17  
>13:03:46 CST 2011      
>root at  amd64
>10:57:11 skeletor:~ > sudo kldstat
>Id Refs Address            Size     Name
>  1   53 0xffffffff80100000 c9fe20   kernel
>  2    1 0xffffffff80da0000 24d98    snd_hda.ko
>  3    4 0xffffffff80dc5000 75668    sound.ko
>  4    1 0xffffffff80e3b000 13b98    snd_uaudio.ko
>  5    1 0xffffffff80e4f000 f080     aio.ko
>  6    1 0xffffffff80e5f000 ffb0     ahci.ko
>  7    1 0xffffffff80e6f000 52d8     atapicam.ko
>  8    1 0xffffffff80e75000 d08de0   nvidia.ko
>  9    3 0xffffffff81b7e000 42558    linux.ko
>10    3 0xffffffff81bc1000 45ed0    vboxdrv.ko
>11    1 0xffffffff81e22000 3ee0     linprocfs.ko
>12    2 0xffffffff81e26000 28ae     vboxnetflt.ko
>13    2 0xffffffff81e29000 8d44     netgraph.ko
>14    1 0xffffffff81e32000 1532     ng_ether.ko
>15    1 0xffffffff81e34000 d0c      vboxnetadp.ko
>16    1 0xffffffff81e35000 a1c      pflog.ko
>17    1 0xffffffff81e36000 2bd81    pf.ko
>18    1 0xffffffff81e62000 a8ea     fuse.ko
>I was running linux-f10-flashplugin10 10.2r152

 I see you use the nvidia blob (I use radeon with xorg drivers), did
you rebuild the nvidia driver port after upgrading to 8.2?  Or maybe
this has something to do with the vdpau support that was added to
flash with the last update and that others reported as possibly not
working properly on FreeBSD...  If you did rebuild nvidia try
/compat/linux/usr/lib/ away temporarily and see if that
fixes the panics, if yes its probably an nvidia issue.  And even if
not I guess you need to collect a backtrace or at least a textdump
of the panic, see here about how to get a dump:

If the dumping/savecore/crashinfo script worked you should get a
new /var/crash/core.txt.X file with the backtrace (among other
things) after the next boot.

 Good luck, :)

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