About "panic: bufwrite: buffer is not busy???"

Jeremy Chadwick freebsd at jdc.parodius.com
Sun Feb 20 15:47:01 UTC 2011

On Sun, Feb 20, 2011 at 10:30:52AM -0500, Mike Tancsa wrote:
> On 2/20/2011 9:33 AM, Andrey Smagin wrote:
> > On week -current I have same problem, my box paniced every 2-15 min. I resolve problem by next steps - unplug network connectors from 2 intel em (82574L) cards. I think last time that mpd5 related panic, but mpd5 work with another re interface interated on MB. I think it may be em related panic, or em+mpd5.
> The latest panic I saw didnt have anything to do with em.  Are you sure
> your crashes are because of the nic drive ?

Not to mention, the error string the OP provided (see Subject) is only
contained in one file: sys/ufs/ffs/ffs_vfsops.c, function
ffs_bufwrite().  So, that would be some kind of weird filesystem-related
issue, not NIC-specific.  I have no idea how to debug said problem.

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