statd/lockd startup failure

Rick Macklem rmacklem at
Sat Feb 19 21:16:19 UTC 2011

> On 02/18/2011 10:08, Rick Macklem wrote:
> > The attached patches changes the behaviour so that it tries to
> > get an unused port for each of the 4 cases.
> Am I correct in assuming that what you're proposing is to
> (potentially)
> have different ports for all 4 combinations? I would suggest that this
> is not the right way to solve the problem. If I misunderstand, I
> apologize.
Well, that was what I was proposing. I could be wrong, but as far as I
know, this is allowed by Sun RPC. The port#s are assigned dynamically and
registered with rpcbind. (I don't necessarily agree with the design, but
this was/is how Sun RPC does it. The philosophy was/is that apps. don't know
what port# is being used and shouldn't care. If sysadmins want to use a
fixed port#, they can use command line options to override the default
dynamic assignment. And, yes, this is one reason that Sun RPC is a pita
w.r.t. firewalls. 1980s design...)

I don't know an easy way to get a non-assugned port# that is available for
all 4 combinations of udp,tcp X ip4,ip6. If others know how to get a port#
that is available for all 4 cases, I could implement that.


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