8.2-RC3-amd64 install hangs on Dell T110

Ron McDowell rcm at fuzzwad.org
Sat Feb 19 01:57:16 UTC 2011

If I've come to the wrong list with this, please redirect me.

I have a brand new Dell T110, 2.53ghz Xeon 3440, 8gb [2x4gb] ram, 4x1tb 
Hitachi SAS hd, Apple USB keyboard and mouse [just to cover all the 

Booting 8.2-RC3 amd64 disc1 looks good through all the bright-white 
text, but it's hard to read scrolling by that fast :) then shows one 
line of normal-bright text:

/stand/sysinstall running as init on vty0

then hangs, never gets to the blue install screens.

This is new hardware to me, but it loads Ubuntu 10.04 amd64 and OpenBSD 
4.8 amd64 fine, so I'm assuming it's not flaky hardware.

I'd be happy to try any patches or debugging tips, but this is my only 
amd64 box and since I can't yet get FreeBSD onto it, it would have to be 
something I don't have to build.


Ron McDowell
San Antonio TX

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