LSI SAS 2008 (mfi) on SuperMicro X8SI6-F

Dmitry Morozovsky marck at
Thu Feb 17 22:29:00 UTC 2011

On Wed, 16 Feb 2011, Kenneth D. Merry wrote:

KDM> > KDM> > Ah that makes sense. I'm a bit reluctant to use -current on this particular 
KDM> > KDM> > machine, so I would discuss MFCing mps driver wirh ken@
KDM> > KDM> 
KDM> > KDM> I have attached a patch against -stable, try it out and let me know whether
KDM> > KDM> it works.  If so I'll go ahead and MFC it.
KDM> > 
KDM> > I'm afraid something goes wrong at your side, at least in some files in 
KDM> > sys/dev/mps, like
KDM> > 
KDM> > Index: sys/dev/mps/mps_ioctl.h
KDM> > ===================================================================
KDM> > --- sys/dev/mps/mps_ioctl.h     (revision 212420)
KDM> > +++ sys/dev/mps/mps_ioctl.h     (working copy)
KDM> > 
KDM> > as there is no sys/dev/mps in stable/8 kernel sources
KDM> Whoops, svn diff doesn't do the right thing when there are multiple changes
KDM> merged.
KDM> I re-did the diffs manually, you should be able to do something like:
KDM> cd src
KDM> cat patch |patch -p4

well, this sequence creates mps-related files directly in src directory, but I 
managed to overcome this :)

test reboot (remotely) said that at least machine tastes mps and single 
non-configured drive, but further testing is due.

Thank you very much!

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