ATI Radeon LW RV200 Mobility 7500 M7 locks up on X exit

Chris H chris# at
Thu Feb 17 07:31:20 UTC 2011

> On Wed, Feb 16, 2011 at 12:07 PM, Chris H <> wrote:
>> On Wed, February 16, 2011 1:34 am, Tom Evans wrote:
>>> On Wed, Feb 16, 2011 at 12:19 AM, Chris H <> wrote:
>>>> Well, the box I'm writing this message from is running a
>>>> G98 [GeForce 8400 GS] + 3Gb videoram, while not the "latest and greatest", it
>>>> isn't really "legacy" either. I was /sure/ it'd be a "snap" to setup, but
>>>> "functional", it isn't the optimal experience I had hoped for.
>>>> I guess that's the price one pays for choosing a "closed source" piece of
>>>> hardware. :(
>>>> --Chris
>>> I've used this card for 2 years with FreeBSD + hald, never had the
>>> slightest issues, truly plug and play.
>>> nvidia0: <GeForce 8400 GS> on vgapci0
>>> nvidia-driver-256.53 NVidia graphics card binary drivers
>> That's great news. I don't suppose you'd be willing to share your
>> setup with me (xorg.conf, and anything else you think might help). I'd
>> really love to get the most out of this card, but always felt a bit
>> deprived.
>> --Chris
>> Sure, its attached. I should probably note that this isn't used as a
>> 'PC', its hooked up to my TV, without a mouse or keyboard, and plays
>> movies via mplayer (with vdpau acceleration). I also use a Geforce
>> 7200 GS in my desktop machine (with keyboard + mouse!), for 3 years
>> with no problems (no vdpau with that mind).
>> Cheers
>> Tom

Well, I just wanted to report back that after comparing your settings in
Xorg.conf(5) to my own, that /really/ the only significant difference was
the omission of the following:

InputDevice    "Mouse0" "CorePointer"
InputDevice    "Keyboard0" "CoreKeyboard"
Section "ServerFlags"
	Option	"AllowEmptyInput"	"false"
	Option	"AutoAddDevices"	"true"
	Option	"AutoEnableDevices" "true"
Section "InputDevice"
	Identifier	"Keyboard0"
	Driver		"kbd"
Section "InputDevice"
	Identifier	"Mouse0"
	Driver		"mouse"
	Option		"Protocol" "auto"
	Option		"Device" "/dev/sysmouse"
	Option		"ZAxisMapping" "4 5 6 7 8"

So I simply comment all of those lines from my own xorg.conf(5) file,
changed the rc.conf(5) line:

rebooted > startx && all was well.

Thanks for taking the time to share your conf file Tom,
now I can live harmoniously with hald(8) :)



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