ATI Radeon LW RV200 Mobility 7500 M7 locks up on X exit

Chris H chris# at
Tue Feb 15 23:53:09 UTC 2011

On Tue, February 15, 2011 12:21 pm, Warren Block wrote:
> On Tue, 15 Feb 2011, Warren Block wrote:
>> There are people who have difficulty with hal, and a much larger number who
>> dislike it.  I'd contend that problems with hal are not very widespread, or
>> there would be a call for the Handbook X11 configuration section to change.
> Just to add something I should have mentioned in the first message:
> One reason for problems with hal is the use of AllowEmptyInput "Off".
> Usually it causes the "sticky mouse pointer" problem, but not always.
> So many people were using AEI that I decided to write an article about
> it:
Fun reading, thanks for sharing. :)
purely a question of semantics; I notice you consistently use
"On" || "Off"
Xorg(1) -configure emits "true"||"false"
Do you, or anyone else know conclusively whether it's simply a matter of:
or is it /only/ one, or more of the above pairs? Just curious.

In your defense to an earlier comment I made; it essentially /is/
a "crap shoot" when it comes to setting up Xorg(1). While Xorg(1) -configure
is intended to get a "functional" version of X(7) up, and running. Hardware,
is not Hardware, is not Hardware. So a lot of "trial, and error" /will/ be
required to obtain an "optimal" X(7) environment for a specific combination
of hardware. :)


> The short version of that: don't use AEI at all.  If you want to
> disable hal device detection in xorg, use AutoAddDevices Off, or build
> xorg-server without hal support.
> If anyone has the lockup-on-x-exit problem and is using AEI Off, please
> change it to AutoAddDevices Off and see if it makes a difference.  It may also be
> due to window manager/desktop environment, or 32- or 64-bit OS.  Mine have
> mostly been xfce4 on 32-bit 8-stable, which may be why I haven't seen it.
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