Removing all ZFS support from boot process

Mark Powell M.S.Powell at
Thu Feb 10 15:40:12 UTC 2011

   FreeBSD 8.1 r218475.
   I have a raidz2 with 6x2TB devices; 3x2tb HDD and 3 stripes of 2x1TB 
   I have ufs / on USB flash.
   After boot0 starts and the USB boots it displays Drive C: is disk0 etc. 
for each drive. Then I can hear all the drives making noises. Sounds like 
the devices are being tasted, with the spinning char. This goes on for 
sometime. Often the machine hangs solid and I have to reset. It can take 3 
or 4 attempts before the OS boots. I can tell it's hung by pressing the 
caps lock key. If the capslock light doesn't work I hit reset and cross my 
   It's been like this for as long as I can remember (i.e. many different 
source trees).
   How can I fix this?
   I thought it might be a BIOS fault and not FBSD, so I was considering a 
new motherboard. However, if I have ufs / can't I stop all this 
tasting/zfs nonsense at boot and let the kernel do it all later and 
therefore not susceptible to any possible BIOS faults?
   I tried to rebuild with:


in make.conf, but it seems to make no difference.
   Any ideas?

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