Still getting kmem exhausted panic

Willem Jan Withagen wjw at
Tue Sep 28 11:24:38 UTC 2010


This is with stable as of yesterday,but with an un-tunned ZFS box I was 
still able to generate a kmem exhausted panic.
Hard panic, just 3 lines.

The box contains 12Gb memory, runs on a 6 core (with HT) xeon.
6* 2T WD black caviar in raidz2 with 2*512Mb mirrored log.

The box died while rsyncing 5.8T from its partnering system.
(that was the only activity on the box)

So the obvious would to conclude that auto-tuning voor ZFS on 8.1-Stable 
is not yet quite there.

So I guess that we still need tuning advice even for 8.1.
And thus prevent a hard panic.

At the moment trying to 'zfs send | rsh zfs receive' the stuff.
Which seems to run at about 40Mb/sec, and is a lot faster than the rsync 


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