Problem running 8.1R on KVM with AMD hosts

Andriy Gapon avg at
Mon Sep 27 12:24:51 UTC 2010

on 27/09/2010 14:45 Luke Marsden said the following:
> Hi FreeBSD-stable,
> I'm having problems booting 8.1R on a KVM virtualised host backed on AMD
> hardware. It works flawlessly on Intel backed KVM. Please find attached
I tried but I can't.
Maybe post a link?

> the message I get on boot. This loops endlessly.
> Can anyone give me any advice on how to start tracking this down? I'm
> happy to give developers access to some paid instances on ElasticHosts
> where this problem occurs, if it helps debugging it.
> (It works fine in ElasticHosts' lon-p and sat-p data centres, but not in
> lon-b, and Intel vs. AMD is apparently the difference).

Andriy Gapon

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