Web feeds for UPDATING files

Alexander Kojevnikov alexander at kojevnikov.com
Sat Sep 25 13:50:22 UTC 2010

On 25 September 2010 17:04, Alexander Kojevnikov
<alexander at kojevnikov.com> wrote:
> On 25 September 2010 15:44, jhell <jhell at dataix.net> wrote:
>> Really awesome!
>> This will come in handy to serve up stable/*/UPDATING and head/UPDATING
>> to. And thinking along those lines it could probably be incorporated
>> directly into the DAV tree on svn. to serve directly from there.
> Great idea, I'll try to implement both feeds during the weekend and
> will post here and on freebsd-current@ and freebsd-stable@ when it's
> done.

...and done:


The site now features Atom feeds for the following files:

* ports/UPDATING
* stable/7/UPDATING
* stable/8/UPDATING

Hope you find the feeds useful.


PS: I apologise to ports/UPDATING subscribers who got quite a few
duplicate entries. I barely missed the Ballmer Peak, just delete

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