kernel: arpresolve: can't allocate llinfo for

Özkan KIRIK ozkan.kirik at
Thu Sep 23 17:14:14 UTC 2010

Hi all,

I'm using FreeBSD 8.1-201008 amd64 snapshot.

When I watch log messages I see "kernel: arpresolve: can't allocate
llinfo for" messages repeating once per 2 minutes.
When I saw this log, default router changes unexpectedly. Normally
default router should be 193.X.Y.Z, but after this log default router
shown as And routing really changes. I watch the changes
on routing table via "route -n monitor" command. I couldnt see
anything about default route changes.
I tried with both net.inet net.inet.flowtable.enable=0 and
net.inet.flowtable.enable=1. Nothing changes.

I think, arp table overflows and overwrites the routing table.
I captured the packges while this problem occurs. the tcpdump file:

tcpdump -w /home/flowdata_10_0_16_251 -ni bce0.116 host

system has 2x 4core Xeon, 32GB ram, about 5000 clients and 152 if_vlan
interfaces, 5 real NICs.

Any ideas?

Mersin University @ Turkey

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