SuperMicro i7 (UP) - very slow performance

nickolasbug at nickolasbug at
Wed Sep 22 15:00:33 UTC 2010

> md5 -t is quite a small benchmark, even with his misfunctioning CPU it
> took <6 seconds to complete.
> If his problem is a misapplied heatsink/fan, then his CPU could be
> throttling when it gets hot, the hotter it gets the more it throttles,
> which could explain his massive buildworld walltime. Perhaps running
> something like:
>  apply -0 "md5 -t" `jot 10`
> would display a notable difference.

You may also run openssl speed or "linpack" test
(/usr/ports/math/linpack) or hpl (/usr/ports/benchmarks/hpl) to load
your CPU

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