HEADS UP: FreeBSD 6.4 and 8.0 EoLs coming soon

Willem Jan Withagen wjw at digiware.nl
Tue Sep 21 12:59:53 UTC 2010

On 2010-09-21 13:39, Andriy Gapon wrote:
>> The Project is ultimately about the users, right? There are early signs that
>> some old FreeBSD users get tired from those changes, those removals, lesser
>> POLA adherence, marketing-not-technical-stuff for time-not-feature-based
>> releases, not so stable -STABLE as it used to be, and so on, migrating to
>> other systems. And older users are more valuable to project than newer ones.
>> May be it's time to revert to some of thet Old Good Things, if decade-long
>> project is mostly ended, while those signs are still early and not a strong
>> tendency?.. Given this thread, I've mentioned earlier about 12 messages in
>> announce@ from 2002 with such public calls for volunteers - there are several
>> years already without these.

Well, let me pitch in here a bit, because this discussion has had me on 
the edge of commenting already for too long.

I'm a FreeBSD user as early as 1993, still have the first 1.0 CD here as 
nice remembrance. So I guess that I qualify as one of those "old 
FreeBSD" users.

And I completely disagree with you.

If you have been such an old freebsd user,then you should know the 
immense effort there has been to move GIANT out of the way. I cann't 
even get close to describing what a huge respect I have for the people 
that dared to undertake such a humongous effort. With an high 
probability of being flamed to death...

But still ever since 5.x I've seen things really improve for the better. 
And yes, I was sorry to see ISDN being removed, but as things have 
progressed another version has been returned instead.
And sure I have more hardware than you can imagine that is no longer 
supported. But it is all old, and worn down, sometimes it is even still 
VESA stuff.

And right,there have been variations in the level of what you would like 
to call stable. But compared to the "old days" I would say, it has 
always been above my expectation. And note that I have and still do run 
24*7 business on this. FreeBSD has never NEVER ever let me down.

So as far as I'm concerned you are barking up the wrong tree here.


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