Policy for removing working code

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Hi Andriy Gapon! 

On Fri, 17 Sep 2010 15:09:54 +0300; Andriy Gapon wrote about 'Re: Policy for removing working code':

>> You either not understanding that this situation is about entire project (not
>> ISDN, but policy) or assert that users just running FreeBSD should not care
>> about the way things happen, which is wrong. And thus your "stop provoking"
>> sounds like ostrich policy, which is even worse.
> You either don't understand the situation or are a troll.
> People who actively participate(d) in the project/community were very well aware
> of the issue.  Following the generalized principle of locality it was not expected
> that much help would come from people who didn't already sufficiently participate.
> This much belated and non-productive thread is a perfect demonstration.

No, that is you who actively refuse to understand the main point, while
several other people on this list already agreed with me. I've given arguments,
valid arguments, but you din't answer them, repeating the same statement
reworded. Moreover, you were wrong several times, e.g. at requirement for all
users to read stable, while I've found that handbook/eresources.html agrees
with me:


Important events / milestones

This is the mailing list for people interested only in occasional announcements
of significant FreeBSD events. This includes announcements about snapshots and
other releases. It contains announcements of new FreeBSD capabilities. It may
contain calls for volunteers etc. This is a low volume, strictly moderated
mailing list.

And Project actually did the things as documented, I've counted and wrote in
another message 12 such letters in announce@ from 2002, then things stopped to
go this way. Why you ignored this argument just as I didn't say anything?

After all, your impolite accusements of non-productiveness and trolling.
Should I answer the same way and say something about your self-conceit? I'll
not come down to this but rather quote committers-guide:

Do not impugn the intentions of someone you disagree with. If they see
a different solution to a problem than you, or even a different problem, it is
not because they are stupid, because they have questionable parentage, or
because they are trying to destroy your hard work, personal image, or FreeBSD,
but simply because they have a different outlook on the world. Different is

Disagree honestly. Argue your position from its merits, be honest about any
shortcomings it may have, and be open to seeing their solution, or even their
vision of the problem, with an open mind.

Accept correction. We are all fallible. When you have made a mistake, apologize
and get on with life. Do not beat up yourself, and certainly do not beat up
others for your mistake. Do not waste time on embarrassment or recrimination,
just fix the problem and move on.

Ask for help. Seek out (and give) peer reviews. One of the ways open source
software is supposed to excel is in the number of eyeballs applied to it; this
does not apply if nobody will review code.

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