Jon Otterholm jon.otterholm at ide.resurscentrum.se
Mon Sep 20 08:12:57 UTC 2010


Sorry for cross-posting, got nothing back from freebsd-ipfw...

Installed a new router running 8-stable and encounter some problems when
configuring dummynet pipes:

When setting buckets above 1024...
ipfw pipe 91 config bw 100Mbit/s mask src-ip 0xffffffff buckets 4096

...I get the following error:
Clamp sched buckets to 1024 (was 4096)

# sysctl net.inet.ip.dummynet.hash_size
net.inet.ip.dummynet.hash_size: 4096

from man ipfw:
    buckets hash-table-size
          Specifies the size of the hash table used for storing the
          queues.  Default value is 64 controlled by the sysctl(8)
          net.inet.ip.dummynet.hash_size, allowed range is 16 to 65536.

Am I missing something here? This worked fine in the 7-branch.


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