Atheros AR2427 in FreeBSD 8.1

Makaruk Roman Valerevich n_diablo_n_f at
Sat Sep 18 09:23:47 UTC 2010

   Oh! Thank you! I already lost hope that I can properly run its Wi-Fi card.
   Regards, Roman.


Right, I'm now ready to start looking at the AR2427. I can't guarantee
i'll get it -stable- (as that relies mostly on me getting the
AR9280/AR9285 stable; that'll take some time) but I'll at least try to
fix the above issue.

That issue you've just noted is because the EEPROM endian-ness has
been incorrectly detected. (See the invalid channel messages just
before the EEPROM starts dumping out "no power set for x/y"; then the
invalid txtime messages?) I've seen that in my local tree.

I have an AR2427 in this netbook of mine, so I'll figure out what's
busting up the detection and update my development HAL. I'll let you
guys know when that's done.
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