Policy for removing working code

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Hi jhell! 

On Sat, 11 Sep 2010 23:26:04 -0400; jhell wrote about 'Re: Policy for removing working code':

>> Just send these notices to -announce. The removal of stuff like this
>> doesn't happen often, and as long as we're careful with the frequency
>> and content of the messages I can't imagine people would complain too much.

> I agree with Doug on this.

> No need to add another layer of complexity to the already existing
> lists. Just use them properly. Besides wouldn't it make sense to publish
> the top three or five recent posts to announce@ to a reserved space on
> the CMS rather than relying on consumers to subscribe to the list at
> all. I know errata notices get announced I would think a heads up around
> the board about big changes like removing portions of code completely
> should be announced as well.

Good idea. I think the web site is viewed by more people than read announce at .

> FreeBSD-CA-??? "Change Announcement?" for that are constructed much of
> the same way the SA & EN are ?.

No, as this is not certain - if volunteers will answer the call, feature may
survive instead of removal.

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