very stupid mistake: a part of /usr is deleted

Ian Smith smithi at
Fri Sep 17 05:23:43 UTC 2010

On Wed, 15 Sep 2010, Ivan Voras wrote:
 > That is actually an easy situation to recover, you can do it in at least
 > these ways:
 > 1) if you build/upgrade from source, you can either reinstall if you have
 > working /usr/obj or try and rebuild them if you have working /usr/src
 > 2) if you have another machine with the same FreeBSD version and
 > architecture, simply copy the missing files (with tar, scp, ftp, fetch/wget,
 > etc...)
 > 3) if you have networking and at least working fetch / ftp / wget, cat and
 > tar, you can fetch the files at
 > and use
 > to reinstall the base binaries
 > Remember that those files are not magical, you can restore them any way you
 > are able. You can even boot the live CD (from
 >, mount the
 > appropriate file system and copy the files from the CD.

1) and 3) look good, but 2) - except tar - or cp'ing files from the CD 
won't preserve hard links, of which there are quite a few in /usr/bin, 
that takes care of: tar --unlink -xpzf - -C ${DESTDIR:-/}

Apart from the few megs of extra space used, I wonder if that matters, 
especially regarding later updates that may replace some of those files?

cheers, Ian

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