Freebsd 8.1 + xorg + radeonhd hang

J.R. Oldroyd fbsd at
Thu Sep 16 19:24:36 UTC 2010

On Thu, 16 Sep 2010 18:20:35 +0200 (CEST), Eivind E <eivinde at> wrote:
> I'll try another card (not radeon) this evening, and if that works,
> I won't bother with the radeon anymore. This is my primary working
> machine and I need to be able to use it again. I do however
> wish to thank everybody for their hints and suggestions.

I've had a similar (but not the same problem).

My card is an RS880 [Radeon HD 4200] on an Asus M4A785-M
motherboard.  Problem here was that with either the radeonhd or
the ati driver and the radeon.ko module loaded, performance was
very slow indeed.  One could see the windows being repainted,
and xterm scroll was like a 1970's 1200 baud terminal!

I found that renaming the radeon.ko module so that it would
not be found when goes to auto-load it, then unloading it
and restarting X gave me normal performance.  However, that came
without the benefit of xvideo support.

Finally I tried the radeonhd driver from the experimental port
in x11-drivers/xf86-video-radeonhd-devel.  This works perfectly
for me: good performance AND xvideo support.

Maybe this will help you too...


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