Freebsd 8.1 + xorg + radeonhd hang

Warren Block wblock at
Thu Sep 16 03:59:40 UTC 2010

On Wed, 15 Sep 2010, Eivind E wrote:
> (WW) RADEONHD(0): !!! Option HPD is set !!!
>     This shall only be used to work around broken connector tables.
>     Please report your findings to radeonhd at

radeon doesn't have this option at all.

> (--) RADEONHD(0): Detected an RV505 on a HIS Radeon X1550 PCI
> (II) RADEONHD(0): Mapped IO @ 0xfe8f0000 to 0x8006d5000 (size 0x00010000)
> (II) RADEONHD(0): PCIE Card Detected
> (II) RADEONHD(0): Getting BIOS copy from legacy VBIOS location
> 	SubsystemVendorID: 0x17af SubsystemID: 0x204e
> 	IOBaseAddress: 0xb000
> 	Filename: SEST.BIN
> 	BIOS Bootup Message: 113-00SB5H06-00R-HT X1550 PCIE X1 HM DDR2 
> 256M/64B DLDVI/TV/DVI 400M/550E (II) RADEONHD(0): Analog TV Default Mode: 8

> (II) RADEONHD(0): Output VGA_1 using monitor section Skjerm

Odd.  Later on on it looks like it's using DVI-I_1/analog.  See my 
xorg.conf for an example of tying monitors to specific outputs in the 
Device section.

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