MSIX failure

Gareth de Vaux bsd at
Mon Sep 13 14:43:05 UTC 2010

On Fri 2010-09-10 (10:43), Jack Vogel wrote:
> No, not the add-on adapter, i have no trouble finding those,  what I want to
> know about is the details about the system that has em0 LOM, only
> way to check on that is to have the whole enchilada :)

Ah right. These are snippets from dmidecode, is this enough?

Handle 0x0000, DMI type 4, 35 bytes         
Processor Information
        Socket Designation: LGA 1156
        Type: Central Processor
        Family: Other
        Manufacturer: Intel(R) Corporation                     
        ID: E5 06 01 00 FF FB EB BF
        Version: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU         750  @ 2.67GHz
        Voltage: 1.1 V
        External Clock: 133 MHz
        Max Speed: 4000 MHz
        Current Speed: 2668 MHz                           
        Status: Populated, Enabled
        Upgrade: Other            
        L1 Cache Handle: 0x0004
        L2 Cache Handle: 0x0003
        L3 Cache Handle: 0x0001
        Serial Number: Not Specified
        Asset Tag: Not Specified    
        Part Number: Not Specified

Handle 0x0007, DMI type 2, 20 bytes
Base Board Information
        Manufacturer: Intel Corporation
        Product Name: DP55WB           
        Version: AAE64798-206  
        Serial Number: AZWB005003A3
        Asset Tag: Base Board Asset Tag
                Board is a hosting board 
                Board is replaceable
        Location In Chassis: Base Board Chassis Location
        Chassis Handle: 0x0008
        Type: Unknown         
        Contained Object Handles: 0 

Handle 0x0010, DMI type 10, 6 bytes
On Board Device Information
        Type: Ethernet
        Status: Enabled
        Description: Intel(R) 82578DC Gigabit Network Connection

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