Extending your zfs pool with multiple devices

jhell jhell at DataIX.net
Fri Sep 3 10:57:48 UTC 2010

On 09/03/2010 04:25, Michal wrote:
> What is really odd is I see your replies but not my original post, how
> very strange??
> Thank you for all of your assistance. I would like to move to being able
> to build a cheap san-like storage area for a DB, I don't know how well
> it would work but I'd like to try it anyway since things like HP MSA's
> are hugely expensive.
> I like these suggestions of filling a second box and connecting this to
> the 1st box using these expanders and port replicators. I don't really
> need as fast  as I can get as this is not a high-use DB backend or many
> user file server. A few users here and there but nothing that worries me
> about the bottleneck caused by these replicators. This way is ALOT
> better then my system of trying to export iscsi disks or something like
> that. This way I can add create a second box then have a cable into an
> expander or replicator on the 1st box, a 3rd box could then be added to
> the expander/replicator at a later date. There is a limit on how far
> this could go realistically, but I like this way. I could go further by
> adding SSD's for the L2ARC and ZIL if I wanted to. I found zfsbuild.com
> to be a quite nice site/blog

Thanks for the link: zfsbuild.com I'm going to check that out.

Anyway... not that this is a great solution but if it is windows clients
that are connecting to this that your worried about and would like to
split off storage to separate machines etc... you can use DFS with
Samba. Imagine building two more machines and having them be completely
transparent to the clients that connect to the main server.

Using a Samba DFS server would allow you to distribute out the
file-systems to different shares on different machines without the
client ever having to know that the actual location that the directory
lays on is another machine and allows you to easily migrate new servers
into the network without client ever seeing the change.

Implement ISCSI, ZFS & HAST into this mix and you have yourself one hell
of a network.

Just an idea, Regards,



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