Extending your zfs pool with multiple devices

Michal michal at sharescope.co.uk
Thu Sep 2 13:38:08 UTC 2010

I have a small problem that I am trying to work out a solution for. 
Imagine you create a NAS box. Fill a small server with 5 hard drives, 
zfs them with raidz or whatever, create your pools and then shear this 
to the network using samba. Simple NAS box for your network to put their 
files and they just connenct to \\nas1

This box is now full, my problem is that I could create a 2nd NAS box 
and people use \\nas1 and \\nas2 but it's not very use friendly. Can I 
somehow build a 2nd box which is identicle, but extend my pools into 
nas2. I was thinking something like exporting the nas2 drives via iscsi 
and then nas1 add's the drives to the pool...or something similar. I 
find that with any NAS whether its home build or shop bought you will 
eventually run out of space, and sure you can replace the HDD's with 
bigger ones but you will see run out of space, and having multiple 
locations, in my mind, is not very elegant. I cannot simply add more 
HDD's to the box as well as it's at full capacity


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