HEADS UP: FreeBSD 6.4 and 8.0 EoLs coming soon

Julian H. Stacey jhs at berklix.com
Wed Sep 1 16:28:22 UTC 2010

> On November 30th, FreeBSD 6.4 and FreeBSD 8.0 will have reached their

FreeBSD -7 & -8 do not support ISDN I'm told. 
So 6.4 is the last working FreeBSD ISDN.

DSL is faster than ISDN, but
Losing ISDN would be unfortunate:
- Not all can get DSL speed, if they live far from phone exchange.
- ISDN allows one more security (caller ID comes from phone company),
  additional to whatever crypto keys/passwords.
- ISDN on the PC allows one to have Name (via lookup of number) of phone
  caller & which incoming destination number received call, show up on an
  X Term - I've had that with FreeBSD over 10+ years now :-) Could
  easily be hooked to a database springing up a a custome xterm
  according  to calling customer ID, called number & time of day
  (all being used to select which service info ) But if we drop ISDN ...!

Could FreeBSD reinsert ISDN back into current/8/7 support ?
Perhaps via:
- a student SOC project ?
- FreeBSD foundation paying a FreeBSD consultant (I know one who has the
  expertise already, has the time, & could use some money (I don't mean me,
  & he didn't aske me to post this, it'll come as a suprise to him :-)
- Or whatever other method to get ISDN back in kernel ?

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