8.1 livelock/hangup: possible actions

Eugene M. Zheganin emz at norma.perm.ru
Sat Dec 11 13:14:37 UTC 2010


I'm having problems with 8.1-REL/zfs/amd64. It's a IMB x3250 m2 system, 
1Gb RAM, dualcore intel e3110, two bge(4) and LSI1064e disk controller.

Suddenly it can stop answering to network requests and nothing works 
except of the keyborad, so I guess the system isn't really dead.

No trap screen, no reboot.

I realize very clearly that this description isn't useful in any way. :)

So I'm asking what can I do to localize the source of the problem or get 
additional diagnostics ?
Only reset button currently comes to my mind, it helps of course, but it 
doesn't provide me with any information about what is happening. After 
reboot logs are empty for the period of the hangup.


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