8.0-RC1 panic attaching ppc

Juergen Lock nox at jelal.kn-bremen.de
Tue Sep 29 19:38:09 UTC 2009

In article <4AC0F173.10300 at cs.rice.edu> you write:
>Daniel O'Connor wrote:
>> On Sun, 27 Sep 2009, Alan Cox wrote:
>>> Ok, now I can explain what is happening.  The kernel is using 1GB
>>> pages to implement the direct map.  Unfortunately, pmap_extract()
>>> doesn't know how to handle a 1GB page mapping.  pmap_kextract() only
>>> works by an "accident" of its different implementation.  In other
>>> words, it should not be relied upon to work either.
>>> Please revert whatever patch John gave you and try the attached
>>> patch. It simply disables the use of 1GB page mapping by the direct
>>> map.
>> Your patch fixes (works around?) the problem.
>Thanks.  I've committed the patch.
>Yes, it's a work around.  Fortunately(?), on my test machine, I don't 
>see any measurable effect from disabling the use of 1GB pages by the 
>direct map.

Btw I had reported the same issue back in June already,
and yes your patch fixes it for me too.  Thanx!

 (And of the other two issues mentioned in the next posting,
the tdq_notify trap appears to be solved, but the ata issue was never
fixed, I had to work around it by putting the affected optical drive
on a pcie sata card driven by siis(4).)


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