glabel+gmirror (8.0-RC1 problem)

Oliver Lehmann lehmann at
Mon Sep 28 18:38:01 UTC 2009

Hi Pawel,

Pawel Jakub Dawidek wrote:

> Does anything change between you upgrade from BETA3 and RC1? For example
> gmirror was compiled into the kernel before and now is loaded as module
> or something similar?

Nope, it was a clean BETA3 installation with the default GENERIC kernel
which has afaik geom_label in kernel, but not geom_mirror (nevertheless I
loaded geom_label.ko at boottime as well as geom_mirror)
The same with RC1 - clean and fresh installation with the default GENERIC
kernel and geom_label in kernel (default), but still loaded as module at
boottime as well as geom_mirror.

> Could you test this patch:

This makes gmirror+glabel work again on RC1

One thing which I noticed. I labeled in single user mode, my root
partition with tunefs - as well as all my other partitions. After this
was done, I remounted my root partition (mount -rw /) and changed my
fstab to use the new geom labels instead. But somehow this "killed" the
new root-label of my mirror/gm0s1a partition. After I rebooted, the label
was gone and I had to manually specify the root partition
ufs:mirror/gm0s1a to mount. All the labels of my other mirrored
partitions where there (usr, tmp, var). I then rebooted once more into
single user mode (specified once more the root partition manually) and
did a tunefs -L once more. Then I rebooted directly and the label is now

Is it possible that mount -rw / (which remounts /dev/mirror/gm0s1a) could
have been killed the freshly given label?

 Oliver Lehmann

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