various kde programs spin in a poll/read loop against their respective config files

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Sun Sep 27 07:07:25 UTC 2009

Le Sat, 26 Sep 2009 15:25:17 +0200,
Christof Schulze <christof.schulze at> a écrit :

> Hello everyone,


> the discussion in -current and the behavior of my hard disk caused me
> to investigate. Whenever kde programs are run on this system, the
> hard disk will not spin down (even when excessive timeouts for syncs
> are in effect) So I ran truss against kwallet and plasma-desktop to
> find out they do the same thing:
> stat("/home/erika/.kde4/share/apps/kwallet",{ mode=drwx------ 
> ,inode=56314,size=3,blksize=4096 }) = 0 (0x0)

> Shouldn't this be handled by fam/gamin in order to avoid this
> overhead? While it does not produce notable load it prevents my
> processor from saving power as well as spinning down the disks.

KDE with fam is broken, according to

A work-around is to change the PollInterval in kdedrc
baby-jane:~$ less .kde4/share/config/kdedrc


(IMHO, for KDE issues you should ask on the kde-freebsd at mailing

See also this thread :


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