SASL problems with spnego on 8.0-BETA4

John Marshall john.marshall at
Fri Sep 18 23:32:06 UTC 2009

On Fri, 18 Sep 2009, 17:38 -0400, Rick Macklem wrote:
> When cyrus-sasl2 builds, it uses the little shell script
> /usr/bin/krb5-config with the args. "--libs gssapi" to get the list of
> libraries to link against. This doesn't return "-lgssapi_spnego" in the
> list. (The list can be changed by editting line #96 of 
> /usr/bin/krb5-config.)

I think this sounds promising!  It makes sense.  Thanks for pointing us
in this direction.

I should already be out at a customer site but I hope to do some poking
in krb5-config early next week to see if that might be the key to
resolving the (non-spnego) kerberos problems I've been having with 8.0.
In my case, I'll be seeing what joy I get by adding -lgssapi_krb5.

John Marshall
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