Fixup manpath.config suggestion

Jason J. Hellenthal jasonh at
Thu Sep 17 21:50:13 UTC 2009

Fix manpath.config optional manpath of /usr/X11R6. This has not been a actual 
path for some time now and is just a symlink to /usr/local which is already in 
the manpath.config.

The attached patch just deletes the referenced lines, it might be better off 
just commenting them out and adding a comment next to them referring to the 
symlink usage.


  Jason J. Hellenthal
  jasonh at

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--- manpath.config.orig	2009-09-14 06:41:11.000000000 -0400
+++ manpath.config	2009-09-17 17:29:37.088290738 -0400
@@ -17,14 +17,12 @@
 # check if the directory exists and if it does, add it to MANPATH
 OPTIONAL_MANPATH	/usr/local/man
 # set up PATH to MANPATH mapping
 MANPATH_MAP	/bin			/usr/share/man
 MANPATH_MAP	/usr/bin		/usr/share/man
 MANPATH_MAP	/usr/local/bin		/usr/local/man
-MANPATH_MAP	/usr/X11R6/bin		/usr/X11R6/man
 # set man locales, if needed

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