Source level upgrade from 4.9 to CURRENT..

Rom Albuquerque a_romolo at
Tue Sep 15 17:50:19 UTC 2009

 Hi folks. Need help in doing the following, but first want to check 
and see if it is feasible with the latest Release, or if I'm just going to 
be spinning my wheels on this one. 

The Objective.

 I have a FreeBSD 4.9-RELEASE system which I want to upgrade to 7.X 
from the source level. Had a bunch of problems installing 7.1-RELEASE from 
the CD distribution I got from Several problems that 
could not mount the CD at the time of installation causing sysinstall
to halt. So, 4.9 is installed and working, is there a source level
backward compatibility issue between 7.x and anything older than 6.0 ?
In other words, upgrading from the sources with such an old
distribution is a doable task ?  

Your response is greatly appreciated. 

Many thanks. 


a_romolo at hotmail (dot) com

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