8.0-Beta installation problem -- Unable to find /dev/ad0s1b

Robert Huff roberthuff at rcn.com
Mon Sep 14 02:41:43 UTC 2009

Jin Guojun writes:

>  Tried to install from both 8.0-BETA{3, 4}-i386-dvd1.iso on a
>  Phenom 9600 system and having some disk problems.
>  After commit, installation says --
>  Unable to find device node for /dev/ad0s1b in /dev
>  The Creation of file system will abort.
>  OK
>  [Press enter or space]

	Look at the archives of current@ within the last three weeks.
I (and I believe at least one other person) had what seems like the
same problem and found a work-around.

				Robert Huff

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