FreeBSD 8.0-BETA4 IBM ServerRaid 8k issues

George Mamalakis mamalos at
Thu Sep 10 16:53:12 UTC 2009

Ivan, thank you very much for answering; and now to your comments:
> 3650 M1 or M2?
On the box it writes x3650 (I forgot the initial 'x' before, sorry).

> You have received this message because you are running a debug kernel; 
> a normal kernel with debugging disabled would not have shown it.
So far, I understood :)

> It looks like the controller was too busy rebuilding to take any new 
> requests. It is possible you have filled the controller's write cache 
> and that is why the lag happened at this point. You can easily test 
> this theory.
This is the exact reason why I am asking this question. If this behavior 
is normal, then there is no problem with me. But I couldn't be sure 
whether it was a driver's problem or a controller's problem.
> If you determine rebuild/resync is problematic, you might consider 
> using a RAID mode that doesn't require it to be so extensive, like 
> RAID 10 with 4+ drives, or software RAID with ZFS.
I was thinking of using other raid modes, along with ZFS (although still 
labeled 'experimental', and this is going to be our department's main 
file server, so I still have my second thoughts about it...), since 
FreeBSD does not recognize my 2.8T volume during installation. This 
means that I 'll have to break it into more volumes in order for FreeBSD 
to see it.

Thank you for your answer again, and (now that you mentioned it:) ) in 
case anyone knows whether we'll be able to see partitions > 2T in the 
future (or now?!), please say how :).

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