Not getting an IPv6 in a jail

John Baldwin jhb at
Thu Sep 3 12:21:40 UTC 2009

On Wednesday 02 September 2009 12:09:17 pm Doug Barton wrote:
> FLEURIOT Damien wrote:
> > BIND's now happily running in its jail and responding to public
> > queries.
> It's up to you if you choose to do it, but there is no reason to run
> BIND in a jail. The chroot feature provided by default by rc.d/named
> is quite adequate security.

That is debatable.  One of the chief benefits of a jail is that if a server is 
compromised so that an attacker can gain root access that root access is 
limited in what it can do compared to a simple chroot.  That is true for any 
server you would run under a jail, not just BIND.

John Baldwin

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