Not getting an IPv6 in a jail

Steve Bertrand steve at
Wed Sep 2 15:52:35 UTC 2009

John Hay wrote:
> On Tue, Sep 01, 2009 at 11:29:40PM +0200, FLEURIOT Damien wrote:
>> On Tue, Sep 01, 2009 at 10:13:45PM +0200 or thereabouts, John Hay wrote:
>>> I have not used jails with link-local addresses, only global addresses
>>> and that works. It looks like you did not specify the whole link-local
>>> address in the jail_*_ip line. You need to add the %interface for a
>>> proper ipv6 link-local address, eg. fe80::c0a8:fc%lo252. Not everything
>>> works with link-local addresses though and jail might be one of them.
>>> John
>>> -- 
>>> John Hay -- jhay at / jhay at
>> Thanks for the hint John, I just tried by appending the interface %
>> and it still won't work any better:
>> rc.conf:
>> jail_ns_ip=",fe80::c0a8:fc%lo252"
>> jls -v output doesn't change.
>> ifconfig output within the jail doesn't change.
>> ifconfig output on the host's lo252 doesn't change.
>> I'm afraid I don't have spare IP6s to assign to my public interface
>> so I can't test much more.
> You can use site-local (fec0::) or rfc4193 addresses for testing.

In the event you don't have your own public v6 space (or not enough of
it), you can acquire it for free from the fabulous guys over at

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