FreeBSD 8.0-BETA1 Available

Ken Smith kensmith at cse.Buffalo.EDU
Tue Jul 7 00:51:13 UTC 2009

The first public test build of the FreeBSD 8.0-RELEASE test cycle is now
available, 8.0-BETA1.  Through the next week or so more information
about the release will be posted but here is the current target schedule
for the other 'major events':

	BETA2:	July 13, 2009
	BETA3:	July 20, 2009
	RC1:	July 27, 2009
	RC2:	August 17, 2009
	RELEASE:August 31, 2009

People with the resources to do so (test machines...) are encouraged to
give 8.0-BETA1 a try.  At this point it is not quite ready for
production systems but mostly because there is still some ongoing work
in a few areas that may cause some changes in things like ABI/API.
Debugging support (WITNESS, malloc debugging, etc.) are also still
turned on and those tend to cause a performance hit.  As far as we know
there are no known issues that would cause data corruption or anything
like that, just the issues with performance and potential for changes
caused by ongoing work.  If you find problems they can be reported
through the normal Gnats based PR system or posted to the mailing lists.

Note that for BETA1 no packages were included with any of the images.

The amd64 and i386 architectures include a file named:


If you copy that to a USB memory stick newer machines should be able to
boot from it and use it to install from.  Note that you need to
overwrite the contents of the memory stick completely, not copy it into
an existing filesystem on the memory stick.  Exactly how you do that
depends on your machine but just to give you an example this works on
the machine I tested it with:

  dd if=8.0-BETA1-amd64-memstick.img of=/dev/da0 bs=10240 conv=sync

Be careful if you have SCSI drives, more USB disks than just the memory
stick, etc - make sure /dev/da0 (or whatever you use) is the memory
stick.  Using this image for livefs based rescue mode is known to not
work, that is one of the things still being worked on.

FreeBSD Update was not ready for updates to 8.0 at the point this
message was sent but it is also being worked on.  A separate message
will be posted when it's ready.

Checksums for the images:

MD5 (8.0-BETA1-amd64-bootonly.iso) = e7cc0b3b022775f6be058044f171e3d2
MD5 (8.0-BETA1-amd64-disc1.iso) = ad259bc0d57e1a7ae1afdc04bbb87cfd
MD5 (8.0-BETA1-amd64-dvd1.iso) = f240e48be3db47ed338bb157244b874d
MD5 (8.0-BETA1-amd64-livefs.iso) = 2a0f06d61d2722efe68cf8c6a14de0c6
MD5 (8.0-BETA1-amd64-memstick.img) = 10bc42a388c213497f03aadad30e0486

MD5 (8.0-BETA1-i386-bootonly.iso) = cadcdb82377705061a0d464569ecfef7
MD5 (8.0-BETA1-i386-disc1.iso) = 9e19a4edcc3b2d7f594cbcdc7fcabace
MD5 (8.0-BETA1-i386-dvd1.iso) = 98a2f5e05391eb4ab2b421443296cd7b
MD5 (8.0-BETA1-i386-livefs.iso) = c1d35cd8a15434b2af0bc1f27ddb48a1
MD5 (8.0-BETA1-i386-memstick.img) = c6a0fbe8e31b2987b5da47c52705fa8e

MD5 (8.0-BETA1-ia64-bootonly.iso) = d40385e657477566100ae66485a98bb3
MD5 (8.0-BETA1-ia64-disc1.iso) = 216b4e54536bb41c5a9543ce88f288bc
MD5 (8.0-BETA1-ia64-disc2.iso) = 790eb3e163aee02c7c6dddcfa54cc167
MD5 (8.0-BETA1-ia64-disc3.iso) = b59510898c2ce1cfe594620cc2f9de97
MD5 (8.0-BETA1-ia64-dvd1.iso) = ce7d5abec2aaed9028b82c66445e2734
MD5 (8.0-BETA1-ia64-livefs.iso) = 5021774a2349d960e859082065c1bc86

MD5 (8.0-BETA1-pc98-bootonly.iso) = 9a421562167c5d6806784151c26694fe
MD5 (8.0-BETA1-pc98-disc1.iso) = b5ca7555697677eb23057fffe2c47062
MD5 (8.0-BETA1-pc98-livefs.iso) = 0c8a405c394651ea61dee34d9637b47e

MD5 (8.0-BETA1-powerpc-bootonly.iso) = e982f204c4024c544f88753b400007a5
MD5 (8.0-BETA1-powerpc-disc1.iso) = 0e59688100a8288e2bee87c4d0f9b0ee
MD5 (8.0-BETA1-powerpc-disc2.iso) = 1426a523d1b2480c4f546422934d1cc4
MD5 (8.0-BETA1-powerpc-disc3.iso) = d6b7505441c756be547b4587331af6b9
MD5 (8.0-BETA1-powerpc-livefs.iso) = 2dbf7c3543fcd35c834fd19f64f240cf

MD5 (8.0-BETA1-sparc64-bootonly.iso) = 24004c2014edcbafb68f09399db1b74d
MD5 (8.0-BETA1-sparc64-disc1.iso) = 96e7a0b14581fac7ab845a4e9916d393
MD5 (8.0-BETA1-sparc64-dvd1.iso) = efcc5a4923f335cd483d76395333b639

SHA256 (8.0-BETA1-amd64-bootonly.iso) = d49e8651f71c1a4a4d2ad9b4e391e7dfea2fec159a716876c4c0a547b346d34d
SHA256 (8.0-BETA1-amd64-disc1.iso) = 692eb89c0ba07dc161ad2ea366516a2210c5d5e5cf90a48ed6316e67b7ebb5e4
SHA256 (8.0-BETA1-amd64-dvd1.iso) = eaf4a18c269589af516f6c96af164f918345a34e2fb1e5273762479a7779c4cd
SHA256 (8.0-BETA1-amd64-livefs.iso) = b9e68d7944707f73f0894e0f610ff73ff5c5350e9dbc15d980a4d9413d61daf8
SHA256 (8.0-BETA1-amd64-memstick.img) = c3ece618be54d4c51400945d8922f6724547453a133c32450ac2ebbacaabaa65

SHA256 (8.0-BETA1-i386-bootonly.iso) = d82918557e595fdb76ae8d4158e0f5738a3879985d6c5109b944d382c9f767af
SHA256 (8.0-BETA1-i386-disc1.iso) = 398a93e851088391fc1cca6c3ff50494afc4e5471791cff12204ef8673b81472
SHA256 (8.0-BETA1-i386-dvd1.iso) = b61e14733e498fe83e482010b036f3aabb8d7dace2ed5fb8b8dbe371141a2caa
SHA256 (8.0-BETA1-i386-livefs.iso) = 6d47e830bea1a96d851490d41b4a47248a03ec2a6c39df534ca407aba2daf58a
SHA256 (8.0-BETA1-i386-memstick.img) = b7561c27ea789447e368a1e2398249282ae46e8752a82bbb3614cb5db3d606e7

SHA256 (8.0-BETA1-ia64-bootonly.iso) = 6e9b9cc92a82b062cc5d9d51da7652a79097894b16e8c2cf8bcdb7b51c3aa576
SHA256 (8.0-BETA1-ia64-disc1.iso) = 52ca59f0129cda5651bf0aad3daa57a07a719580c3ece28be63178e40e6f0613
SHA256 (8.0-BETA1-ia64-disc2.iso) = f6e1bded3aec557e19ef0249b9c3b17ba3c5e0aca99d98ae697e6107c9bb3061
SHA256 (8.0-BETA1-ia64-disc3.iso) = b8b8e5ce0cca5eb3dd0dc8ea05b7de399cb937ecc4b960eb092e621cda22bbd5
SHA256 (8.0-BETA1-ia64-dvd1.iso) = 29d5852bef2d09c73075242ea2e2d35072a51b30b624d5229ed8aec6737cfbc5
SHA256 (8.0-BETA1-ia64-livefs.iso) = 0a92eb0f09dfd4f4ab0694fd94482e4682eded3425186737bd0e2440e957dd3b

SHA256 (8.0-BETA1-pc98-bootonly.iso) = 5d77d1fb6a5d7e819b0d90d1848f7d029d64ce456ca550e3049d63eb5fc8891a
SHA256 (8.0-BETA1-pc98-disc1.iso) = 5e11719fd24d8f8a9fd0fd4ce07c72509c197e48b1e45060d931b0f8bcad9335
SHA256 (8.0-BETA1-pc98-livefs.iso) = 271056add63d5e82f85a482cfd0efcfaaacb1b5941337fc459782e97577f3e0e

SHA256 (8.0-BETA1-powerpc-bootonly.iso) = 60c984e47d8e71eb87ae382cb1bc19a0abd982095b5906dafb539e799ad0a51e
SHA256 (8.0-BETA1-powerpc-disc1.iso) = 647b51471e71a8de9ab4a0c42fa94d869fae33a2f5f3a0aaa07592bb9854a49f
SHA256 (8.0-BETA1-powerpc-disc2.iso) = 9a46aecda07f6b6fa040bf7c852c3a99eb27e8db529c8f26974d5a9a2ecf0b8d
SHA256 (8.0-BETA1-powerpc-disc3.iso) = efe792cb535ea2a6ee821cdcd5fd1e5306e116e32b57e2f1e6d4309f672830ab
SHA256 (8.0-BETA1-powerpc-livefs.iso) = 1b8e5c401bf5b14c0a14d91b21895ed2273287158e59a158313bcec43aead8ff

SHA256 (8.0-BETA1-sparc64-bootonly.iso) = 2775ceec218f5fef0bc2d17ea80e1492f423307f27cec38df352b1e9ee6f96a4
SHA256 (8.0-BETA1-sparc64-disc1.iso) = 9eac5684c3c650e2cac01343c7933931aef0227bdb6e9a4931402ad0dd41b9c8
SHA256 (8.0-BETA1-sparc64-dvd1.iso) = 207268ec113811213d73b571c2322585c26cf6beae88e27e5680e77c93e249b2

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