recommended setup for amd64 7-STABLE with ZFS, Samba 3.2 and possibly ACLs?

Holger Kipp hk at
Tue Sep 30 10:08:51 UTC 2008


could anyone give recommendations (or share experience) regarding 
using ZFS:  

- FreeBSD 7-Stable (amd64 with 8GB RAM)
  + special tuning necessary (apart from increasing kernel memory
    to 1 or more GB for ZFS)
- Samba 3.2
  + ACLs possible directly under ZFS?
  + recommended compile options?
- email (imap)
- jails (I have seen some problems exist with using snaphots within

This is on amd64 with 8GB RAM and external disk array (via FC).

Many thanks and best regards,

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