Andrew Snow andrew at modulus.org
Tue Sep 30 04:54:48 UTC 2008

Jeremy Chadwick wrote:
> You're the first person I've encountered who has had to disable the ZIL
> to get stability in ZFS; ouch, that must hurt.

Its not so bad: this machine is doing backups with rsync, sometimes 
running 50 simultaneously.  This workload doesn't contain any need for 
synchronous operations, and any files which didn't get written after a 
crash can simply be re-rsync.  But I hope eventually it will be fixed!

> I'm talking about the most commonly-encountered problem: kmem
> exhaustion.  People want to be able to install FreeBSD then say "Okay!
> Time to give ZFS a try!" on some separate disks, and have it work.  

Personally I don't think there's much point worrying about how to boot 
off ZFS at this stage until the code is up to date, stable, and running 
7-STABLE branch.

Until then I will also prefer to have a UFS root volume and just run ZFS 
for /usr and /home, because I still don't completely trust ZFS and I 
have a high value on being able to boot the system and have my tools 
available in /bin and /sbin.

- Andrew

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