Request for testing - top 3.8b1 in the base system

Edwin Groothuis edwin at
Sun Sep 28 23:34:54 UTC 2008

On Sun, Sep 28, 2008 at 10:15:32PM +0100, Bruce Cran wrote:
> On Sun, 28 Sep 2008 15:46:20 +1000
> Edwin Groothuis <edwin at> wrote:
> > I have made an update for the top(1) utility in the FreeBSD base
> > system to get it from the 3.5b12 version to the 3.8b1 version.
> > [...]
> > Please report any issues with it (compile time, run time) and a way
> > to reproduce it (if possible). Thanks for your help!
> There are some new warnings generated during compilation with WARNS=1
> due to the use of -DSIGWINCH on the command line (since it has already
> been defined in signal.h). Though of course it doesn't have any effect
> on the functionality.

I have renamed it to TOPSIGWINCH to overcome this, but that's only
a silly patch to make it quiet :-)

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