Announcement: PmcTools callchain capture for RELENG_7

Fabien Thomas fabien.thomas at
Tue Sep 23 12:37:01 UTC 2008


A new patch is available that was done just after dtrace backport.
You can find it like the previous one on the pmc wiki.
It also include some new bugfix from head.


Le 13 juil. 08 à 07:05, Joseph Koshy a écrit :

> Hello List(s),
> I am very pleased to announce a patch, by Fabien Thomas, that brings
> PmcTools' callchain capture features to 7-STABLE.  Thank you, Fabien!
> The patch is linked to from the PmcTools wiki page:
> The current file name is: "patch-callchain-FreeBSD-7- 
> STABLE-2008-07-12.gz".
> As the file name indicates, it should apply against a 7-STABLE tree of
> 2008-07-12
> vintage.
> To apply the patch:
> % cd /home/src-7x   # or whereever your RELENG_7 tree resides
> % patch < PATCH-FILE
> Then you should follow the full procedure to update userland
> and kernel from source as spelled out in src/UPDATING.
> Please note that HWPMC(4) log files that contain callchain  
> information are
> not binary compatible with prior versions of pmc(3) and pmcstat(8).
> Please do test on your systems and let  Fabien and me know
> how you fared.
> Koshy

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