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Jeremy Chadwick koitsu at
Mon Sep 22 00:13:19 UTC 2008

On Mon, Sep 22, 2008 at 01:47:06AM +0300, yusuf özbilgin wrote:
> ata8-master --> ata8 --> atapci1
> and atapci1 is Intel Ahci Controller.
> I used GENERIC conf file and recompile the kernel but the problem is still exist. (I am using freebsd7)

Before you rebuilt the kernel, did you update /usr/src using csup or
cvsup?  If so, then it sounds like there's a bug somewhere in the ata(4)
code which is causing this problem.

The code was recently modified (3 days ago), which sounds very

I've CC'd the responsible parties.  They should be able to work with you
to find out what the problem is.

> Then I added IDE disk to the system The system didnt detect the ide disk.
> This mainboard is G33 chipset Intel mainboard (BOXDG33FBC) (first mail was wrong)

I can't explain this one.

> I try to mount floppy to save the dmesg output while installation but It also gave the error 
> g_vfs_done(): fd0[read(offset=0, length=8192)] error = 6

There have been recent reports of the floppy disk driver in FreeBSD not

> I thougt that may be floopy or diskette error I tried to mount usb mass storage then 
> It gave the "umass0 BBB reset failed timeout" error and stoped the booting.

This is a separate problem and is known.  AFAIK there is no fix, other
than to try 8.0-CURRENT which contains a new USB stack.

> I tried different G33 chipset Intel mainboard (BOXDG33FBC) but problem continued.
> I tried with freebsd 6.2 cd it also didnt detect the disk.
> Freebsd7 installation cd is not giving any error. 

Can you please provide exact FreeBSD versions and not just generic
strings?  We need to know if you're talking about FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE,
6.2-STABLE, 7.0-RELEASE, 7.0-STABLE, 7.1-BETA, etc...

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