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Fri Sep 19 08:59:58 UTC 2008


Jo Rhett wrote:
> I agree with pretty much everything you've said here, with the obvious 
> exception that I don't know what's involved in the release management 
> process to do as you've said.
> Also for my own self, rather than resurrect 6.2 I'd personally rather 
> focus on what we could do to extend the support period for 6.4.  And 
> other releases going forward. 
If you want extended support period, you should go for 7.1
If I remember correctly .1 REL is supposed to be the target for all 
binary programs/drivers.

But if your target is not only security fixes, but drivers (included in 
base) and new features then release is not working for you, right?
Because new drivers are never back-ported to release, best they go to 
-stable, but you are not tracking -stable?
As I understand if you track stable then you really do not care about 
the numbers after the dot -  you are using just 6.x or 7.x (or 8.x in 
And 7-stable will not reach EOL at least next 4-5 years.

Sorry if you already answer this, but the thread is very long and it's 
hard to track every mail in it.

My simple question is how you plan to benefit if 7.1 have extended EOL?
You will stick with 7.1Release (RELENG_7_1) and security patches, or to 
(RELENG_7) - which include new drivers?

I'm asking because you said, that the main problem with EOL is not 
fixing bugs which you can do fine, but new drivers that are not back-ported.
How you think this can be solved? Most business user do not want new 
driver to be masked as security update?


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