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Alban Hertroys dalroi at solfertje.student.utwente.nl
Thu Sep 18 20:09:43 UTC 2008

On Sep 18, 2008, at 9:23 PM, Jo Rhett wrote:
> On Sep 18, 2008, at 12:01 PM, Robert Watson wrote:
>> Let's consider three more productive avenues by which you can  
>> offer assistance with the problem of how to increase branch  
>> support lifetimes:
>> (1) Become a contributor to the community by developing and  
>> maintaining
>>    patches against unsupported branches, especially against older  
>> releases
>>    such as 4.x and 5.x where the branches are open for commits but  
>> have
>>    fallen out of support status.  I can't promise the results will
> We have no 4.x or 5.x systems nor do we have any interest in  
> maintaining those.  So perhaps a good idea, but not something I can  
> help with.
> I *did* offer to work on maintenance for 6.2, but was told it would  
> be rejected by the developers.  Would I extend effort to do exactly  
> what I am talking about -- extending the support lifetime for very  
> recent releases?  Absolutely.  If its in a form useful for the  
> community as a whole.

Are you seriously insisting that a minor release should be supported  
for more than a year? I think that's pretty exceptional already for  
any piece of software, and yet you want to extend that?

I don't know what your line of work demands, but maybe you're not as  
constrained as you think you are? The support lifetime of FreeBSD 6  
(the major release) is estimated to be up to somewhere in 2010,  
according to the release information, which seems to satisfy your needs.

To me this is a rhetorical question only, I have no way to apply any  
answers I get to these questions. I'm not involved in the FreeBSD  
project or in your line of work, I'm just a humble user and supporter.

Alban Hertroys

If you can't see the forest for the trees,
cut the trees and you'll see there is no forest.


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