RELENG_7: something is very wrong with UDP?

Oleg V. Nauman oleg at
Thu Sep 18 15:55:46 UTC 2008

  It seems to be something is very wrong with UDP on latest RELENG_7

Well some symptoms I have seen today when I was trying to boot newly  
compiled RELENG_7 on my laptop:

a) rc scripts indefinitely waiting on logger to be completed during  
the boot ( devd and ifconfig are good examples)

b) Sporadic DNS request failures

c) traceroute prints 0.00 like response time for every host

d) was unable to reboot my laptop performing shutdown -r ( due to  
logger/syslog related issues I think)

e ) I was unable to start X session ( it seems to be freezes laptop  
because I was unable to switch to another virtual console even)

  csup "backout" to date=2008. and recompiling the  
kernel fixes this issue for me.

Is anybody experiencing the same issues with fresh RELENG_7? Unsure it  
is my local issues though

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