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Freddie Cash fjwcash at gmail.com
Thu Sep 18 15:21:44 UTC 2008

Maybe I'm missing something here, but it seems like Jo just wants to argue 
for the sake of arguing.

First Jo wrote:
>No other answer.  But nobody has yet provided what the EoL period is  
>going to be.  I have no problems with a period being extended ;-)  But  
>the business needs to know the minimum EoL for a given release to  
>determine if upgrading to that release is viable.

To which Robert Watson replied, giving the minimums asked for:
>Well, a starting answer is the policy found on 

>Early adopter
>   Releases which are published from the -CURRENT branch will be 
>   supported by 
>   the Security Officer for a minimum of 6 months after the release. 
>   Releases which are published from a -STABLE branch will be supported 
>   by the Security Officer for a minimum of 12 months after the release.
>   Selected releases will be supported by the Security Officer for a 
>   minimum of 24 months after the release.

And yet Jo completely ignored that, and focused in on something completely 
> I am amazed at the preposterously large elephant in the room that none
> of you are willing to address.  Watching each of you dance around it
> would be terribly funny if it didn't affect my job so badly.  (and if
> I wasn't going to have to bail on FreeBSD and go to some crap form of
> Linux because the FreeBSD developers appear to be unwilling to
> consider the idea of getting more help)

Jo:  You know the minimum support period for each release, before it is 
released.  You know what the earliest EoL time will be for each release 
as it is released.  What more do you want?

Freddie Cash
fjwcash at gmail.com

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